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Our Story

Convenience for the Producers | Informed Choices for the Consumers

ScanForFacts simplifies wine labeling compliance for producers and provides consumers with quick access to information about each wine’s nutrition, sustainability and characteristics.

Our platform enables producers to effortlessly create fully compliant e-labels and QR codes for each wine, while consumers can scan the QR code printed on each bottle, to access essential wine facts.

At ScanForFacts, we believe that everyone should have access to the information they need to make informed choices about the wine they consume.

Join us today and discover a world of wine information at your fingertips!

How it works

The Producer Uploads the Wine's Info

The Wine's e-Label Web Page and QR Code are Created

The QR Code is Printed on each Wine Bottle's Label

The Consumer Scans the QR Code on the Bottle to visit the e-Label

Benefits of using the ScanForFacts Platform

For the Wine Producers...

Comply with EU Labelling Regulations and Preserve Valuable Space on each Bottle

Auto-translation, e-label compliance cross-validation and much more!

Easy, Fast and Cost-effective to Create Premium e-Labels and QR Codes

Future-proof Solution that Adapts to Changing Labeling Regulations

For the Consumers...

Access Accurate Information about each wine's Nutrition and Sustainability Facts

We receive all information directly from the Wineries, using transparent and audited processes

Search and Filter Wines based on your Dietary Requirements & Sustainability Preferences

We make it easy for users to search through our Database and find wines that match their needs

Track Calories and Alcohol Consumption

We make it easy for consumers to follow guidelines for responsible consumption of wine

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